Indispensable Roku Tips


You can add Streaming Channels

As we know Roku is the place where you can find popular streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu and SlingTV, but it’s also chock full of hidden gems. TedTalks will make you learn something new, let Pandora bump your favorite music and entertain kiddos with PBS kids-all of which are free channels.  There are many channels over there for free trails as well, so you can give them a test run. You can get to know about Roku here Roku Com.

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Roku Mobile App for you

You’re on couch, feeling cozy and relaxed and you realized remote is little far away from you, for sure you don’t want to spoil your comfort. So here the Roku Mobile App comes to the rescue. The Roku Mobile App for iOS and Android offers a comrade experience plus can act as a remote control, enable voice search or provide an on screen keyboard. To stream your personal videos, music and photos to the TV, you can use Play On Roku feature within the app. The new breakthrough of private listening through the Roku Mobile App is available exclusively in the latest Roku Streaming Stick. It allows you to use the Roku Mobile App for iOS and Android on your device so your ears can catch the streaming entertainment through wired or wireless headphones. You can visit Roku com support for more information and help.


Save your time from searching channels one by one

Why you are wasting your time by searching channels one by one? When you have Roku Search, a brilliant handy feature that does all the work for you. Roku’s inclusive and unbiased universal search feature helps you find availability and pricing for movies and TV shows across than 40 top streaming channels including Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Google Play, SHOWTIME etc.

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Favorite Entertainment

With the help of Roku Feed feature, you will get to know when your favorite movie is or TV shows becomes available for streaming and at what price.

To get started go to Roku home screen and then visit to ‘My Feed’. Browse the movies, TV shows and movies coming soon categories to see what’s popular. Click ‘Follow’ when you’ll find something interested in and you will receive automatic updates. You also get the notification regarding price changes or the movie or TV becomes available to watch for free. Apart of this, you can also follow your favorite celebrities.

If you have any query or question regarding Roku then you can ask or confirm anything here at Roku support phone number. Roku provides finest services and quality plus believes in the customer satisfaction.


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