How To Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 009?

If you are a Roku owner, then there are chances you may face Roku error codes. If you are facing Roku error code 009, then check out these fixing steps.

Roku Error Code 011

All Roku users, how is it going with your Roku streaming device? Since the launch, the Roku streaming device has gained the prime position in the category of the streaming devices. With the lineup of different versions, features, and classic services, the Roku streaming device has also become the perfect choice for the home entertainment.

In the case, if you are just about to start with any Roku version, then don’t forget to head to the Roku com link for getting the activation link for your Roku account. After creating the Roku account, you will be able to access your favorite lineup of content with the quality streaming.

With the recent trends of providing the best content and quality to all the users, there have been many players who are giving a tight competition to Roku. Due to this reason, the company has involved itself in upgrading its lineup of Roku versions with the best features and functions to render the better streaming experience to all the global users out there.

For making the streaming experience, content plays a vital role to engage the users. And that requirement is fulfilled by the Roku channel store, which holds up the different sections with the extensive list of channels. And the list of channels is rendered by the top class streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and much more on the list. When you have the availability of such streaming services on your Roku platform, then it’s natural that you must be having a great streaming experience.

But, on some occasions, you have to witness some unwanted error codes, which seems to appear due to the improper setup of the Roku device. The error codes like Roku error code 014, Roku enter code, Roku code 009, and in some of the cases, troubleshooting problems as well. In the case, if you are receiving the error code 009, this signifies that the Roku is not able to link to the internet.

Check out the troubleshooting steps to fix the Roku error code 009-

  • The first thing you are required to do is just to analyze that the internet network is active from another device.
  • After that, you may require modifying the DNS configuration on the modem. Now, check out the “Advanced Router Settings” below.

  • Adjustment Router Adjustments

Roku Link Code

  • Head on to update the firmware of the router.
  • After that change the wireless which is packed as one.
  • Now, head on to adjust to the ACL/MAC address filtering
  • After that, head to adjust the wireless security mode
  • Lastly, head to change the DNS servers

   In the case, if you are still facing the Roku error code 009, unable to link, Roku 3 remote not functioning, and other error codes, then there is no need to take any tension. You can easily fix the Roku error code 009 by heading for the simple reset. Just head on to reboot all the systems that are attached to the Roku device.

After that, you will be required to shut down the Roku device for around 2 minutes and then switching it on again. You will also require doing the same steps for the cable modem and router of shutting down and switching on again. After restarting the device, head on to link the device with a stable Wi-Fi network by appropriately entering the password and username. For any other query or the problem, you can head to Www Roku com Support to get the professional guidance and support.


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